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Sing All Kinds Radio: “The Tribute Show”

This week’s show was tribute songs, from one artist to another. There are tons of these, so I mostly tried to play pairs of linked chains of tribute. I haven’t had a chance to listen back myself, but there were some technical issues early on, at least in my headphones. Wasn’t sure if it was impacting the broadcast. 

The stream:

The setlist: 

  1. “Bessie Smith” — The Band
  2. “Song to Woody” — Bob Dylan
  3. “Song for Bob Dylan” — David Bowie
  4. “Thin Wild Mercury” — Todd Snider
  5. “Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs” — The Minutemen
  6. “D.Boon” — Uncle Tupelo
  7. “Dancing with Joey Ramone” — Amy Rigby
  8. “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone” — Sleater-Kinney
  9. “Tunic (Song for Karen)” — Sonic Youth
  10. “Johnny’s Gonna Die” — The Replacements
  11. “Alex Chilton” — The Replacements
  12. “The Replacements” — Art Brut
  13. “Lightnin’ Hopkins” — R.E.M.
  14. “Unseen Power of the Picket Fence” — Pavement
  15. “Sir Duke” — Stevie Wonder
  16. “Parker’s Band” — Steely Dan
  17. “Funeral Song for Mississippi John Hurt” — John Fahey

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