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Sing All Kinds Radio: “The Morning Show” and “The Lonesome Show”

SING ALL KINDS is an afternoon show but to note the beginning of a new year, the first show of 2021 was “The Morning Show”

The stream:

The setlist: 

  1. “Good Morning, Good Morning” — The Beatles
  2. “Watch the Sunrise” — Big Star
  3. “Your Love is Like the Morning Sun” — Al Green
  4. “Breakfast in Bed” — Dusty Springfield
  5. “Woke Up This Morning” — Johnnie Frierson
  6. “Cigarettes and Coffee” — Otis Redding
  7. “Sunday Morning” — The Velvet Underground
  8. “Monday Morning” — Fleetwood Mac
  9. “Monday Morning Rock” — Marshall Crenshaw
  10. “Bloody Mary Morning” — Willie Nelson
  11. “One Too Many Mornings” — Bob Dylan
  12. “Early in the Morning” — Louis Jordan
  13. “Early in the Morning” — Buddy Holly
  14. “Early in the Morning” — Heartless Bastards
  15. “In the Morning” — Built to Spill 
  16. “In the Morning Time” — The Clovers
  17. “Jumpin’ in the Morning” — Ray Charles
  18. “Sunday Morning Coming Down” — Johnny Cash
  19. “We’ll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning” — Gram Parsons

This week, one of pop music’s grand topics: “The Lonesome Show.”

The stream:

The setlist:

  1. “Tired of Being Alone” — Al Green
  2. “It’s Gonna Be Lonely” — Prince
  3. “I’ve Been Lonely for So Long’ — Frederick Knight
  4. “Ain’t Got No Home” — Clarence “Frogman” Henry
  5. “Crazy with Loneliness” — Harlan T. Bobo
  6. “If Loneliness Was Art” — Allo Darlin
  7. “Lonely Girl” — Todd Snider
  8. “Lonely Girls” — Lucinda Williams
  9. “The Lonely, the Lonesome and the Gone” — Lee Ann Womack
  10. “Nobody’s Lonesome For Me” — Hank Williams
  11. “Lonely Coming Down” — Dolly Parton
  12. “Lonesome and a Long Way From Home” — Delaney and Bonnie
  13. “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” — Bob Dylan
  14. “Those Lonely, Lonely Nights” — Earl King
  15. “Lonely Nights” — The Hearts
  16. “So Lonely” — Johnny Ace
  17. “Wish Someone Would Care” — Irma Thomas
  18. “If Only You Were Lonely” — The Replacements

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